Issie Barratt and BaritoneI’m delighted to announce 2017’s exciting launch of our brand new dectet comprising 10 of the nation’s finest composing improvisers. During January 2017 I’ll be gradually revealing the new dectet’s line up of performers and composers by  adding another photo daily and gradually announcing their names, sharing insights into the ten new works being written,  as well as acknowledging the names of our funders and supporters and finally … announcing the new ensemble’s name

As it’s the 5th of January I’ll start the ball rolling by revealing who FIVE of the dectet’s musicians are (see photos above for clues!)

I’m thrilled to announce five of the dectet’s members are:


Yazz Ahmed – Trumpet/Flugel & electronics
Tori Freestone – Saxophone /flute/violin
Karen Street – Accordion
Shirley Smart – Cellis
…. and me on Baritone Sax ! Yahoo!!

On Friday 6th January I’ll be announcing who the SIXTH member of the ensemble is going to be ( …. I wonder what instrument they might play?!?).

From February 2017 we’ll start announcing our national performance, recording and workshop dates.

And from late March 2017  we’ll be sharing regularly streamed moments of the project, as it gradually unfolds – from composition, to rehearsal and development, to performance and come the end of 2017 … to recording the CD.

What a great creative journey of a shared magical year it’s going to be ! So glad you’ll be joining us as the project creatively unfolds.

Issie Barratt is supported by PRS for Music Foundation