Compositions & Collaborations


Current catalogue of works available from


BIG BAND (Advanced level, 10-20 minutes duration and often doubling ww doubling):

  1. Asral Pleasures CD coverAstral Pleasures (on “Astral Pleasures” CD)
  2. Brayards Road (on “Astral Pleasures” CD)
  3. Dublin Soundscape (on “Astral Pleasures” CD)
  4. Eva Naim: Mega Supreme (on “Astral Pleasures” CD)
  5. “Eva: In memory of Eva Cassidy” arrangement of a Joe Locke tune
  6. Happenstance
  7. Hold down the moon (on “Astral Pleasures” CD)
  8. Lush Mush
  9. Nonephency
  10. Oodley Groove (on “Astral Pleasures” CD)
  11. So begins another day
  12. Still while waiting
  13. Thanks to Ja-Ja
  14. Up the wrong tree
  15. Walk this way sidewise 


BIG BAND WITH STRINGS (Advanced level):

Movin’ On


BIG BAND WITH VOICE (Advanced level):

Letter to Billie CD Cover Bohuslän Big Band with Jaqee


  1. The Dance (lyrics by Carol Grimes)
  2. Strange Fruit (arrangement – on “Letter to Billie” CD)
  3. Urban Ultimatum (music and lyrics by Issie Barratt)
  4. Some Folk Do Say  (Music and lyrics by Issie Barratt – commissioned by the National Youth Choir of Great Britain)



Vortex Foundation Big Band album cover

BIG BAND (Intermediate level)

  1. In Truth
  2. Femme Fair (on “Charybdis” CD)
  3. Show time


ORCHESTRAL (Advanced level):

  1. Transient Times: For double orchestra, 8 percussionists and harp.
  2. Concerto for Improvised trumpet, chamber orchestra and rhythm section” (Dedicated to Ursula Jones, in memory of Philip Jones).
  3. Sné  (JUST for string orchestra and improvised tenor saxophone – No rhythm section!)


WIND ORCHESTRA (Advanced level)

  1. Miro’s Rhetorical Question
  2. Astral Pleasures – Originally for Jazz Orchestra – re-orchestrated for Wind Orchestra


MUSIC THEATRE (Advanced level)

Pandora’s Box (Music theatre piece for soprano and septet)


Somehow with the Passage of Time Delta Sax Quartet Dedicated to you, but you weren't listening

CHAMBER MUSIC (Advanced level)

  1.  “Lullaby of Life” String quartet
  2. Somehow with the passage of time: The queen’s story, 33 years on”  Sax quartet (On  “Dedicated to You But You Weren’t Listening” CD)
  3. Meinrad Iten Suite: A quartet’s response to 11 pictures” for flutes, clarinets, piano and baritone sax


Wilhelmine - 1st Movement Issie Barratt's Meinrad Iten Suite FUZ006

SOLO PIANO (Advanced level)

  1. “Before Time: (In memory of my dear friend Mark Ray)”
  2. “Wilhelmine”