Issie Barratt’s INTERCHANGE

Issie Barratt’s INTERCHANGE  is an exiting new jazz dectet comprising ten of the nation’s most innovative award-winning composers and improvisers –  Pushing at the boundaries and blurring all the edges!
  • Issie Barratt: Baritone Sax
  • Nikki Iles: Piano
  • Laura Jurd: Trumpet/Electronics
  • Jessica Radcliffe: Voice
  • Helena Kay: Clarinet/Alto Sax
  • Rosie Turton: Trombone
  • Shirley Smart: Cello
  • Karen Street: Accordion
  • Charlie Pyne: Bass
  • Katie Patterson: Percussion

“A compelling & emotional set of top drawer contemporary jazz. Diverse in interests & histories … electrifying texture… the band played their heart out” London Jazz News


“I’ve been wanting to work with each of these amazing musicians for years – avidly listening as they each forge their diverse & vibrantly creative pathways across the international scene, sharing a mutual keenness to be bold & adventurous with their ideas. Their compositions are highly programmatic & often deeply personal, keenly exploring the full emotional spectrum, while pushing the composed & the improvised to the max. I’m certain this hand-picked ensemble will provide the listener with a unique & exciting programme that offers a broader, more diverse experience than any audience might typically hear!”

“….full of sophisticated music & improvisational skill
Bebop Spoken Here

INTERCHANGE’S REPERTOIRE: 10 newly commissioned works, currently being recorded for INTERCHANGE’S debut album “Donna’s Secret” Release date spring 2019. 

  • Still Here: Karen Street
  • An Ocean Formed of Stars: Yazz Ahmed
  • Spontaneous Symmetry: Tori Freestone
  • To the Power of Ten: Nikki Yeoh
  • Negomi:  Nikki Iles
  • Caliban: Cassie Kinoshi
  • Donna’s Secret: Brigitte Beraha
  • Palmyra: Shirley Smart
  • Samla Korna Med Kulning: Issie Barratt
  • Hope: Carol Jarvis


“When their CD is out & the band fully launched on the international circuit this could be one of the sensations of the year”
Darlington & Stockton Times

“A totally engaging performance



Bristol 247 | Jazz Journal | London Jazz News | Lance Bepop | Peter Bevan

Issie Barratt’s INTERCHANGE is supported by PRS for Music Foundation & Arts Council England

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