Issie Barratt’s INTERCHANGE  is an exiting new jazz dectet comprising ten of the nation’s most innovative award-winning composers and improvisers –  Pushing at the boundaries and blurring all the edges!
  • Brigitte Beraha – Voice
  • Yazz Ahmed – Trumpet and Electronics
  • Helena Kay – Clarinet and Alto Sax
  • Tori Freestone – Flute, Soprano & Tenor Saxes, violin
  • Issie Barratt – Baritone Sax
  • Carol Jarvis- Trombone
  • Shirley Smart – Cello
  • Karen Street – Accordion
  • Charlie Pyne – Bass
  • Katie Patterson – Percussion
Performing an exciting new programme of 10 fabulous new works
  • Still Here Karen Street
  • An Ocean Formed of Stars Yazz Ahmed
  • To The Power Of Ten Nikki Yeoh
  • Spontaneous Symmetry Tori Freestone
  • Palmyra Shirley Smart
  • Caliban Cassie Kinoshi
  • Donna’s Secret Brigitte Beraha
  • Hope Carol Jarvis
  • Negomi  Nikki Iles
  • Samla Korna Med Kulning Issie Barratt
“I’ve been wanting to work with each of these amazing musicians for years – avidly listening as they each forge their diverse and vibrantly creative pathways across the international scene, collectively sharing a mutual keenness to be bold and adventurous with their ideas.”
“The compositions are highly programmatic and often deeply personal, keenly exploring the full emotional spectrum while pushing the composed and the improvised to the max.”
“I’m certain this hand picked ensemble will provide the listener with a unique and exciting programme that offers a broader, more diverse experience than any audience might typically hear!” 
Issie Barratt is supported by PRS for Music Foundation