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Fuzzy Moon Records was originally established by Issie in 2008 – initially to promote Issie’s music for large ensemble (FUZ001 Astral Pleasures) and her contemporary Meinrad Iten Quartet (FUZ006 Meinrad Iten Suite) but soon augmented its roster of composers and arrangers to include her long standing colleagues from the international jazz scene – Brigitte Beraha, Carol Barratt, Carol Jarvis, Cassie Kinoshi, Geoff Eales, John Warren, Karen Street, Mark Donlon, Mark Lockheart, Mike Gibbs, Nikki Iles, Shirley Smart, Steve Melling & Tori Freestone

Fuzzy Moon Records now boasts a catalogue of 15 CDs with a stellar roster of over 100 international artists – including ensembles such as the NDR big band, John Warren’s Noctet & Issie’s own 21-piece jazz orchestra and 16-piece INTERCHANGE (see artists roster below)

None of the albums would sparkle in the Fuzzy trademark way without the incredible contribution of producers (Jody Jenkins, Olga Fitzroy & Walter Quintus) & engineers (Gerry O’Riordan, Jeremy Murphy & Rudi Grosser) who have given the music that extra bit of magical sparkle 

Isaac our Graphic Designer

The creative vision of the label’s team reaches beyond its large and impressive pool of musicians. We’re blessed to also be working with a cohort of magical artists, photographers and a graphic designer whose second to none. His empathy and understanding of each album’s music has helped enhance each album’s creative vision, bringing each CD alive visually – evoking the wonderous journey the listener is destined to take.  

Fuzzy Moon Records cover artists include Anna Magnowska, Elena Kotliarker & Judit Matthews 

Fuzzy Moon Records photographers include Carol Warren, Jon Knowles, Sarah Hickson & Steven Haberland 

The most regular member of Fuzzy Moon Records design team is our in-house graphic designer Isaac Titus Glover




FUZ001 Astral Pleasures Issie Barratt’s 21-piece orchestra

FUZ002 Finally Beginning John Warren Noctet

FUZ003 Days Like These Mark Lockheart & NDR Big Band

FUZ004 Following On John Warren Noctet

FUZ005 Here’s A Song For You Mike Gibbs & NDR Big Band featuring Norma Winstone & Mark Mondesir

FUZ006 Meinrad Iten Suite Issie Barratt’s Meinrad Iten Quartet

FUZ007 Kashasha Mark Donlon

FUZ008 Transience Geoff Eales

FUZ009 Southern Shift Mark Donlon 

FUZ010 Fantasy Preludes Carol Barratt

FUZ011 Trace Elements Art Themen & Steve Melling 

FUZ012 Between Moons Mark Donlon

FUZ013 Shadowbird Mark Donlon 

FUZ014 Tales of the Diaspora Mark Donlon

FUZ014 Donna’s Secret Issie Barratt’s INTERCHANGE 



Anders Bergcrantz
Alex Sipiagin
Aly​son Cawley
Andreas Pfaff
Art Themen
Boris Kozlov
Brigitte Beraha​
Cam MacArthur
Carol Barratt
Carol Jarvis
Cassie Kinoshi
Charlie Pinkstone
Chelsea Carmichael
Chris Laurence
Chris Wells
Christian Brewer
Christof Lauer
Claus Stötter
Dan Gottshall
Danny Evans
Dave Whitford
Donald Edwards
Dudley Phillips
Ed Harris
Fiete Felsch
Fiona Clifton-Welker
Frank Delle
Gabriel Coburger
Gene Calderazzo
Geoff Eales​
Gerard Presencer
Gwilym Simcock
Helena Kay
Ingo Lahme
Ingolf Burkhardt
Issie Barratt
James Allsopp
James Maddren
Jamie Oehlers
Jas Kayser
Jeremy Price
Jessica Radcliffe
Jim Hart
Jim Rattigan
Joe Gallardo
John Warren
Julian Siegel
Karen Street
Katie Patterson
Klaus Heidenreich
Lance Philip
Laura Jurd
Lauren Nottingham
Liam Noble
Lucas Lindholm
Lutz Büchner
Marcio Doctor
Mark Armstrong
Mark Bassey
Mark Donlon
Mark Lockheart
Mark Mondesir
Mark Nightingale
Martin France
Martin Shaw
Matthias Erlewein
Michael Leuschner
Michael Ploetz
Mick Foster
Mick Hutton
Mike Gibbs
Mike Outram
Mischa Schumann
Nic France
Nikki Iles
Nils Gessinger
Noel Langley
Norma Winstone
Pete North
Pete Whyman
Peter Bolte
Philip Donkin
Reiner Winterschladen
Robert Millett
Rob Townsend
Rosie Turton
Rowland Sutherland
Rudi Grosser
Seamus Blake
Shirley Smart
Sid Gould
Simon Pearson
Stan Sulzmann
Stefan Lottermann
Stephan Diez
Steve Melling
Steve Trop
Steve Waterman
Thomas Vogel
Thorsten Benkenstein
Tori Freestone
Vladyslav Sendecki
Vytantas Sondeckis
Zoe Rahman